Tiger Class of 1978 40th Reunion Memories 2018

Our 40th Reunion – September 28-29, 2018

Attending this 40th reunion weekend was like nothing we’d ever experienced. For many of us, it had been 40 years since we’d attended a home football game at Quigley Stadium, and the campus enthusiasm did not disappoint! Despite the loss to Ft. Smith’s Northside High, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the pregame pep rally, where 1978 cheerleaders and Hi-Steppers performed, while TJ beat his drum like only TJ can! Thanks, TJ:)

A Weekend to Remember

This was a weekend to remember for the Class of ’78, but also a great opportunity to celebrate our common history at the fine educational institution of Little Rock Central High. Those attending the 40th reunion definitely experienced again the unusually close, positive relationships we had with one another back in the day, despite racial differences and the tumultuous times of the 1970’s.  In the summer of 2016, when the rest of the nation was coming apart at the seams, the reunion planners noticed and commented on our solidarity, even today. Our Tiger bond seemed as solid as ever, and truly seemed to have only strengthened as we reconnected in Little Rock in September 2018. In fact, we filmed much of our 40th reunion for a follow-up documentary to the one filmed during our senior year. As a matter of fact, “Forty Years Later: As We See It Now.”


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We look forward to seeing you all in September. Planning a reunion takes a great deal of time and energy. This time we have also paid a professional to help us create this website, which will carry us beyond just this reunion. This site will provide our class with an ongoing way to keep our contact information updated, allow us a forum for ongoing communication and sharing of ideas, photos and music via the blog, which will make future reunions easier to plan.  Your reunion committee appreciates your support. If you are in a position to make an extra donation, we will gladly accept your help to keep  maintain our web site, and our on-going efforts.



We’re so fine; We’re so great; We’re the Class of ’78!

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