“Tiger Talk”

Enlightening conversations between classmates from Little Rock Central High School’s Class of 1978.

Continuing their mission to “Embrace Diversity,” these Tigers open up to talk about their personal experiences with race relations. Uniquely positioned in history, our classmates all began their education in segregated schools, but graduated from LR Central High where the student population was very much integrated. Listen in, and let these conversations speak to your own heart. If uncomfortable, hang on! Sometimes you’ve got to do some hard work, examining old habits and messages you received growing up, calling to mind significant moments in the formation of your values and beliefs, helping you to understand why you may have come to think the way you do, and realizing that as adults, we can CHOOSE different responses. But first, we have to be willing to look at our own biases, privileges, experiences, and attitudes, with a commitment to work for healing.

If you have questions, comments, or would like to participate in a future conversation, email gmfleming1124@gmail.com, and put “Tiger Talk” in the subject line.




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