Appeal for YOUR Personal Stories!

It’s been said that the shortest distance between two people is a story. Between now and the reunion, we invite you to think about, write, record, and share your own personal stories as they may have been influenced by your time at LRCH. Based on submissions of blog posts and your written, verbal or recorded thoughts on the subject, we hope to select a few of you to be interviewed on camera during the reunion. We will also be filming much of the reunion events themselves – another reason not to miss this special reunion!

This nation needs our experience and the wisdom of our nearly 60 years of life. The world is a mess, but complaining gets us nowhere. Now, more than ever, the world needs bright, faithful, compassionate citizens dedicated to being part of the solution instead of wallowing in the muck, adding to the problems. This is the meaning behind “Tigers Stepping Up“.

Tiger stepping up (or out!) - 1

The more I’ve gotten to know our classmates during the 2012 and 2018 reunion planning processes and through Facebook, the more I realize how very accomplished everyone has been in the last forty years, each in his/her own careers or paths of life!

Thanks to Principal Morris Holmes and his dedicated faculty, we were prepared well at Central for a lifetime of striving for excellence, in whatever paths we followed. We have public servants, DC lobbyists, doctors and surgeons in our ranks. We have artists and musicians, actors and speakers. We have athletes and scholars, hard workers and laborers. We have marketers, advertisers, event planners, designers; classmates who served in the armed forces; classmates who became teachers influencing succeeding generations. We have mothers and fathers who have taught their children, and now their grandchildren, to be persons who strive for “excellence” in whatever paths they choose.

We want to get to know WHO YOU ARE TODAY! We hope to learn how our life experiences, especially our LRCH academic and social education, combined with our talents, our energy, our wisdom, our faith, have worked together to produce citizens of this great nation who shine their lights for the betterment of humanity, each in his/her own way. Prior to and during this 40th reunion, you are invited to participate in the creation of a new documentary sharing with others our personal stories of where our paths in life have taken us, shaped by our exposure to positive race relations and our experiences at Central.

Between now and the reunion, we are Tigers Stepping Up! After the reunion, we will be Tigers Stepping Out, as we work together to create a documentary and a movement of positivity, inspiration, and hope.

Interview Questions:

1) Some of my most noteworthy memories surrounding race relations or desegregation are: _______________________________________________________________.

2) My high school years at Central influenced me as a person in several ways,      including: _______________________________________________________________________________.

3) Since 1978, since leaving Central High School, I ___________________________________.

4) I think our LRCH Class of 1978 could tell the world a few things about getting along, like ______________________________________________________________________________.

If/When you would like to submit a blog post to be considered for publication on this website, please email as an attachment to: Ginny Martin Fleming at We also hope to use some of these blog posts for “stories” that might be used in a possible new documentary!  Check back often to read posts from our classmates, as we explore what it means to be a LRCH Tiger.

If you are interested in getting involved with this effort, please email Ginny Martin Fleming at gmfleming1124@gmail.

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