Monts’s Musical Challenge!

I know we all love to jam to our old school tunes, and those of us on Facebook are frequently treated to You Tube videos of such shared by none other than the Master Historian and DJ, Kenneth Monts! Since Kenneth Monts is the consummate music poster on FB, we’re naming this page of the website in his honor! Please add your favorites to this page by clicking on “comments” or “reply” and pasting yours there! Have fun! Then we can always refer to this particular blog post for listening entertainment! Thanks for participating!

Oh, y’all! For those of you who don’t know, Monts has been sharing good, often old, music  on another FB Page if you want MORE!, 

(I really need a tech savvy DJ to take over this page! Monts? Monts? Where are you, Monts???)


THANK YOU, Shannan Venable, for these next 5! (added 4/29/18)




Thankful for YOU, Glenn Dixon! (added 4/29/18)


Shannon — oops, forgot this one!

48 thoughts on “Monts’s Musical Challenge!

  1. Ken Oliphant

    One last one from Soul Train:
    Johnny Guitar Watson – A Real Mother For Ya

    Monts, you knew I couldn’t back off of this musical challenge.


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